"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag

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As a project in High School, a month before graduation, everyone was asked to write a Life List / Bucket List of 10-20 items. Though high school was ages ago, I still continue to add to that bucket list. Anything in blue is completed/accomplished. Black is still to do - yes, the undone part is very long so I better get busy and I better live awhile. Anything red is a Bucket list item that I decided not to do or is now impossible to accomplish. There are actually a few items that I never would have thought of, but in that moment, I knew it had to be added to the bucket list just to be able to mark it completed.... like Time Traveler. (When you see me in person, please ask me to explain that one!!!)



Blue = Completed    /    Black = Still to do    /    Red = Didn't do/can't do



  • Break a Guinness World Record
  • Write a book




  • Drive over 100 MPH - GA
  • Go Sky Diving - Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (Nov 2012)




  • Lunch with Shamu at Sea World – FL
  • Ride a camel - Dubai, UAE 2012
  • Ride a Mechanical Bull – GA
  • See a Sloth - Caribbean
  • Ride a Mule – into the Grand Canyon
  • Ride an elephant - FL
  • Ride Horseback - GA
  • Swim with Dolphins - FL, Caribbean
  • Swim with Manatees - Caribbean
  • Whale Watching – Alaska
  • Horseback ride on the beach
  • See a Koala Bear
  • See a Platypus
  • Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean




  • Have fun taking photographs as a career
  • Design entire album for Artist/Band
  • Have a gallery showing – GA, GA, GA
  • Have a photograph I have taken be on the cover of a magazine
  • Photograph an Album Cover for an Artist/Band
  • Photograph a favorite Musician - BB King, Buddy Guy, John Mayer
  • Have a full gallery show
  • Photograph an Iconic Image
  • See my photography hang in an airport


Charity & Contribution


  • Build a Habitat for Humanity Home - GA
  • Sponsor a family for Christmas - GA
  • Take 6 months off of work to do Charity and Volunteer work
  • Donate a million dollars to charity anonymously




  • Build a piece of furniture - GA, a bench
  • Own an original piece of art
  • Paint a piece of art on canvas good enough to hang
  • Make a piece of pottery
  • Make something from hand-blown glass


Education & Learning


  • Learn a foreign language – Spanish
  • Be a protégé to a renowned photographer
  • Learn CPR – GA, MI
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Learn to play chess - DC
  • Learn to use a skill saw - GA
  • Learn to Weld - GA
  • Read at least 10 novels on top 100 Greatest Ever List - The Great Gatsby, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Lolita, The Grapes of Wrath, The Wings of the Dove, Lord of the Flies, A Farewell to Arms, The Call of the Wild, Catch-22, The Scarlet Letter, Moby-Dick, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Red Badge of Courage, Dracula, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Learn Mnemonic Alphabet
  • Learn to juggle


 Entertainment / Events


  • Attend Cirque du Soleil - Alegria, Mystere, Zumanity, Varekai, Le Rêve
  • Attend a Centennial Celebration – NC. Wright Brothers, 100 yrs in flight
  • March in a parade - FL
  • See a Broadway Play - Rock of Ages 10/23/2011
  • See a Space Shuttle Launch Live – I did, but it was the Challenger
  • Visit a Renaissance Fair, dressed in costume - GA
  • Attend a Movie Premiere
  • Attend an Olympic Game
  • Attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Experience an authentic Luau
  • Experience Carnival, Venice Italy
  • Experience Mardi Gras
  • Experience New Year's Eve in Time Square
  • Experience Loy Krathong - sky lantern festival in Thailand
  • See a drive-in movie
  • See a performance at the Sydney Opera House, Australia
  • See fireworks in Washington, DC for July 4th




  • Drive on the Left Side of the Road - South Island, New Zealand (Nov 2012)
  • Experience Silence - Doubtful Sound, New Zealand - (Nov 2012)
  • Fly in a Biplane - GA
  • Ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle - California Coast State Route 1
  • Ride in a 2 seated helicopter - GA
  • Ride in a jet helicopter – GA, Grand Canyon
  • Ride on a dhow boat – United Arab Emirates
  • Ride on a paddle-wheel boat - TN
  • Roll down hill on side like a kid - 10/2011 Candler Park Atlanta
  • See Air Force One fly - NC
  • See a meteor shower – GA, FL
  • See a Stealth Bomber - NC
  • See The Girl With The Pearl Earring – High Museum of Art, Atlanta June 2013
  • Spend the day on a US Submarine - USS Hampton Nuclear Submarine
  • Swim in a fountain – GA, GA, Dallas, Dallas
  • Take a hot air balloon ride – Oregon
  • Time Traveler - Delta flight from LAX to SYD (skipped Nov 13th 2012)
  • Watch the sunset consecutive sunrise while sitting on the beach - Rota, Spain; Keflavík, Iceland
  • Win a game of chess - first time Jamaica
  • Witness a Solar Eclipse – GA, TN, From airplane over Australia
  • Attend a Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Experience Weightlessness
  • Fly a kite on the beach
  • Fly in a blimp
  • Ride a Steam Locomotive
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See the Mona Lisa
  • Spend a week at a Silent Retreat


Food & Drinks


  • Eat pizza in Italy - March 2013
  • Fly to an international destination just to have lunch – Milan, Italy (Pizza), April 2013; London England (Fish & Chips), April 2013
  • Take a cooking class in a foreign country - Paella in Barcelona Spain
  • Have a picnic lunch in the park - GA
  • Learn to make pizza crust - GA
  • Travel somewhere just to have lunch - Chicago (Kuma's Korner);  Milan, Italy
  • Try Escargot – FL, GA, Caribbean




  • Go UP the down escalator
  • Play a game of chess with really big chess pieces – Cancun, MX, GA, Jamaica
  • Walk through operating car wash - Kentucky 7/23/2011
  • Withdrawal money from ATM - 1st time ever withdrew money from ATM was in time square
  • Have a star named for me
  • Name a star in the Universe
  • Perform an activity for 365 days straight (example: taking a different photo each day)




  • Listen to someone I know sing my favorite song to me - NC
  • See BB King -  in Concert,  w/Buddy Guy at the Fox In Atlanta , GA; at Club in Chicago, IL
  • See John Mayer in Concert - Orange Beach, AL
  • See Journey in Concert - GA
  • Sing Karaoke on Stage – Cruise ship, GA
  • Go Backstage at a concert
  • See a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • See a concert in a foreign country
  • See a concert or symphony at the Hollywood Bowl in LA




  • Do a really great, life altering/changing deed for someone anonymously - GA
  • Help someone fulfill their dream – GA
  • Meet and shake hands with a US President – Jimmy Carter, Plains, GA
  • See a US President give a speech live – George Bush Jr., NC Wright Brother Centennial Celebration; - Jimmy Carter, Plains, GA
  • Have lunch with a US WWII Soldier
  • Send someone on their dream vacation




  • Find my passion – Photography, Travel
  • Forgive the unforgivable
  • Heal my past – let it go
  • Invent something - GA
  • Kick negative habits - watched too much mindless television
  • Receive a hand-written letter
  • Receive a homemade from scratch cake for my birthday
  • Try to do at least one kind deed daily
  • Learn not to take what others say and do personally
  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs




  • Blue Lagoon – near Reykjavik, Iceland, my iphone went for a swim here :-(
  • Climb a lighthouse – Cape Hatteras, NC
  • Drive through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
  • Go to top of Empire State Building - NY
  • Have lunch in Cinderella’s Castle – FL
  • Ice-skate at Rockefeller Plaza NY - 10/23/2011
  • Live in a foreign country 3+ months – United Arab Emirates
  • Ride a Gondola on the Grand Canal Venice, Italy - Well sort of, Las Vegas :-)
  • See the White House - April 2013
  • See Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
  • See the Lincoln Memorial – April 2013
  • Spend the night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Touch the Vietnam Memorial Wall - April 2013
  • Travel through the Panama Canal
  • Cuba - Guantanamo, Havana, Camaguey
  • Visit a rainforest – Alaska, Panama
  • Visit Disney  - World, FL
  • Visit Las Vegas
  • Visit Niagra Falls – US and Canada
  • Visit Portland, OR International Rose Test Garden
  • Visit Mayan Ruins – Chichen Itza – Meridian, MX
  • Visit places that sound fake (Santa Claus, GA ; Timbuktu; No Name, CO; 88, KY; etc) – Boothill, AZ; Lovejoy, GA; Djibouti, Africa; Experiment, GA
  • Visit the world’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa, Dubai
  • Walk entire Central Park from 110th st. – 59th st. - NY
  • Experience fence surfing at St. Marteen airport. Planes landing right over top of head
  • Live in Thailand 3-6 months
  • Pay my respect at Pearl Harbor
  • Ride the Orient Express
  • Ride the Trans-Siberian Express – Russia, longest continuous rail line, stretches almost 6,000 miles (1/3 distance around globe), crosses 8 time zones
  • See Crazy Horse Memorial – South Dakota
  • See Mount Rushmore
  • See Stonehenge
  • See the Great Barrier Reef
  • See the beautiful rock formations in the John Ford Movies – Monument Valley, southern border of Utah and Northern Arizona
  • See the Painted Desert
  • See the Pyramids of Giza
  • See the sunrise from on top of Haleakala Crater – Maui, Hawaii
  • Spend the night in a castle
  • Spend the night on the Great Wall
  • Stay at Termales resort in Pereira, Columbia
  • Stay in an overwater suite in French Polynesia (ex: Le Taha's Island Resort)
  • Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world – off the coast of Chile, 1,000 yrds long, 20 acres, 115 deep on one end, 66 million gallons of water
  • Tour the Louvre – largest art museum
  • Visit Alcatraz
  • Visit Guacu Falls – 36 times greater than Niagra
  • Visit Easter Island
  • Visit Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - longest name of any railway station in the United Kingdom
  • Visit Palau
  • Visit Singapore – it is a city, a state, and a country all in one
  • Visit the Coliseum - Rome
  • Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
  • Visit the Parthenon, Greece
  • Visit the Sistine Chapel – Rome, Lazio, Italy
  • Visit the Taj Mahal, India
  • Visit Truth and Consequences (airport)
  • Visit Zihuatanejo (locally: [siwataˈneho]) or Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
  • Walk to Milford Sound – loveliest walk in the world, runs 33 miles and takes 3 days, New Zealand
  • Walk the streets of Pompeii – Campania, Italy
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China


Sports / Outdoor Activity


  • Bike the entire silver comet bike trail - May 2016
  • Go Canoeing - FL
  • Go Kayaking - Milford Sound, New Zealand (Nov 2012)
  • Ice-skate – GA, NY
  • Learn Archery - FL
  • Learn to shoot a gun proficiently - GA
  • Ride a 2 seated bicycle - OR
  • Snorkel – Cancun, MX
  • Water Ski - FL
  • Zip-line/Canopy Tour - GA
  • Fencing
  • Go Zorbing
  • Para-sail
  • Scuba Dive
  • Snow Ski
  • Surf




  • Drive entire length of I-75
  • Go on a desert safari – United Arab Emirates (May 2013)
  • Pack a bag, go to the airport, and take a random flight out of town
  • See a Saguaro cactus (tree-size with arms) - AZ
  • See the Spruce Goose – McMinnville, OR - Prototype heavy transport aircraft designed and built by the Howard Hughes and has the largest wingspan and height of any aircraft in history. Built from wood because of wartime restrictions on the use of aluminum. The aircraft made its only flight on November 2, 1947.
  • Take a Cruise – Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean
  • Take a helicopter tour of Grand Canyon
  • Travel Alaska’s Inside Passage
  • Travel below the surface of the ocean in a US Submarine - USS Hampton Nuclear Submarine (off the coast of Fort Lauderdale)
  • Travel US Hwy 101
  • Visit Every US State – AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY
  • Visit Every US District and Territory – AA, AE, AP, AS, CZ, DC, GU, FM, MH, MP, PR, PW, UM, VI
  • Go to the Fijian Island of Taveuni and stand straddled across the international date line (standing in two days)
  • Take a road trip with no destination in mind
  • Throw a dart at a map of the USA (while blindfolded) and travel to where the dart lands
  • Travel Alaska by train
  • Travel Hana Highway – Maui, Hawaii


Maryann Davidson - LIFE List / BUCKET List

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